18 of the Best 90s Fashion Trends We’d Still Wear Today

18 of the Best 90s Fashion Trends We’d Still Wear Today

It’s likely that within the past month, you’ve unwittingly embraced the fashion nostalgia of the 90s in at least one of your outfits. Throwback trends have a subtle way of infiltrating our wardrobes, not completely overtaking them with a loud declaration of “vintage!” but rather through subtle nods here and there. Perhaps an earring reminiscent of the era, a velvet choker adding a touch of grunge, or the occasional strut in combat boots. Before you realize it, strangers might stop you on the street, noting the unmistakable Cindy Crawford vibes exuded by your ensemble (a compliment we can only hope for).

Just like any other fashion era, some trends from the 90s have faded into obscurity while others endure. However, the 90s were a particularly vibrant time for micro style, statement accessories, and utilitarian design, especially with the prevalence of pockets. Below, we’ve curated a selection of the most iconic 90s style elements, ripe for reinterpretation and integration into your wardrobe.

18 Best 90s Fashion Trends

Bucket Hats

When discussing 90s fashion, it’s impossible to overlook the iconic bucket hat. Nowadays, you’ll discover them in a myriad of styles, fabrics, hues, and patterns. Fashion influencers have notably been incorporating them into a diverse range of ensembles, from elegant summer sundresses to laid-back denim jumpsuits and even athletic-inspired athleisure wear.

Baby Tees

In the realm of ’90s fashion trends, midriffs emerged as a prominent style statement. While not precisely crop tops, baby tees exude a charm akin to a shrunken rendition of a standard-length t-shirt. Adorned at times with vibrant cuffs encircling the sleeves and neckline, their appeal lies in their irresistibly cute demeanor. Remarkably, they’ve experienced a resurgence in popularity, reaffirming their status as a fashion favorite.

Slip Dresses

At any wedding reception or club, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll catch sight of a slip dress gracefully gliding across the dance floor. Available in a kaleidoscope of hues, these dresses effortlessly blend allure with comfort—an elusive balance to strike. From budget-friendly options to high-end splurges, slip dresses cater to every wallet and body type. With their signature spaghetti straps (often adjustable!) and hem falling just below the knee, these dresses epitomize elegance, though shorter variations are also in vogue, the timeless classics elegantly skimming the shins.

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Thick Headbands

In the realm of ’90s fashion, headbands held a special place, but it’s the resurgence of the thick, often braided style that’s capturing the attention of trendsetters once more. Whether we attribute it to Blair Waldorf’s influence or not, thick headbands have made a triumphant return. Whether adorning long locks or short, these substantial headbands add a romantic flourish to any ensemble, serving as the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts have transcended their original purpose and are now a fashion staple beyond the gym. Surprisingly versatile, they can be styled with a sports bra and blazer for a chic look or paired effortlessly with a crew-neck sweatshirt, reminiscent of Princess Diana’s iconic style. While black bike shorts remain a top choice, the spectrum of available colors is vast. However, while neon pairs were once ubiquitous on ’90s clothing racks, they are now less common sightings on city sidewalks.

Combat Boots

Combat boots have remained a timeless staple in the fashion world for numerous decades, with the ’90s grunge movement notably embracing this rugged footwear trend. While Doc Martens stands out as a widely adored brand, celebrated for its diverse range of boot designs, there exists a plethora of styles across the market. While traditional combat boots typically feature lace-up closures, alternatives with zippers are also prevalent. Regardless of the closure style, the robust design of combat boots draws inspiration from the sturdy footwear worn by soldiers in combat situations.

Claw Clips

When a basic hair band falls short, why not opt for a nostalgic touch by embracing the ’90s trend of using a hair claw to neatly gather your locks? With a variety of sizes and designs to choose from, these simple yet effective plastic accessories securely hold your hair in place. Originally a staple in casual ’90s attire, they were prized for their ability to swiftly tame unruly strands. Nowadays, they seamlessly transition from leisurely walks in the farmers market to elegant wedding day hairstyles, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

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Velvet Suits

Velvet played a significant role in 1990s fashion, but its presence today is more deliberate, particularly in the realm of suiting. Whether incorporated as a subtle velvet collar or as a bold statement piece enveloping the entire body, this luxurious texture adds a whimsical element to formal attire.

Plaid Flannel Shirts

When we think about it, it’s possible that plaid flannel never left the trend train. There aren’t many (casual) situations where flannel isn’t a good choice: it’s perfect for hikes, grocery store visit, lounging at home, or going out with friends

Fanny Packs

There’s a big different in how fanny packs are worn today, compared to the 1990s. Instead of looping them around the waist as they were designed to be worn, but cross-body like a little easy-to-access pouch that’s even easier to take on and off. JanSport was the leading fanny pack provider in the ‘90s, but you’ll find plenty of other options today — including luxe leather fanny packs.

Flared Jean

Flare jeans have made a comeback, sparking some debate among fashion enthusiasts. While the flared leg may not be as exaggerated as it was three decades ago, many embrace the subtle flare that adds a touch of flair to the silhouette.

Hoop Earrings

In the 1990s, sizable, robust hoop earrings were a staple accessory for many, gracing numerous jewelry collections. Fast forward to today, and the hoop earring landscape has expanded significantly. Alongside vintage selections, there’s a plethora of choices ranging from intricately braided designs to delicate thin hoops, bold oversized hoops, and even whimsical squiggly hoops. It’s truly a delightful realm of hoop earring possibilities.

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Similar to hair claws, scrunchies served as a delightful accessory to enhance a basic hairstyle. Frequently vibrant in color and crafted with abundant fabric, they effortlessly cascade around the ponytail or elegantly adorn a ballerina-style bun. Presently, they continue to inject a sense of playfulness into hairstyles worldwide.

Sheer Fabrics

In the 1990s, sheer clothing had a significant moment, whether it was a mesh dress adorned with striking appliques strategically placed or transparent tops combined with tube tops. Even today, sheer fabric remains incredibly exciting to experiment with, particularly when incorporating subtle, peek-a-boo elements of mesh into your ensemble.

Crop Tops

Crop tops, unlike infantile tops, exude a sense of playfulness with their shortened hemlines, creating a stylishly daring impression. When paired with high-waisted pants, they effortlessly evoke a commanding and chic aesthetic.

Colored Sunglasses

Earn extra points by discovering a colorful pair of cat-eye lenses— and rack up even more points if the sunglasses leave a stylish peek of your eyes uncovered. From shades of rose and orange to vibrant hues of blue and green, the possibilities are endless for embracing this timeless trend.