12 life-changing secrets celebrity makeup artists have shared

12 life-changing secrets celebrity makeup artists have shared

The timeless wisdom of “practice makes perfect” rings true, especially in the realm of makeup artistry. When seeking reliable makeup insights, it’s instinctive to look towards celebrity makeup artists whose expertise is honed through countless hours spent refining their craft on the most prominent faces in showbiz. Here, we unveil the invaluable secrets they’ve unearthed over their years of dedicated work.

1. Do not skip moisturizer

Celebrity-favorite Daniel Bauer asserts that oily skin doesn’t exempt you from moisturizing—a common misconception. With years of experience crafting iconic celebrity looks, Bauer is well-versed in working with various skin types. To combat the challenge of maintaining flawless makeup on oily skin during extended interviews and red carpet events, he offers a clever solution: reversing the order of setting spray application in your routine. “I’ve found that for oilier skin types, applying setting spray before foundation significantly improves longevity,” he shared. This technique not only enhances foundation adherence but also provides hydration and minimizes excess oil buildup.

2. When shopping for foundations, what you see is not what you get

Celebrity makeup artist Tanvi Chemburkar understands the frustration of selecting the perfect foundation shade in-store only to find it appears off once you’re back home. She acknowledges the deceptive nature of fluorescent lighting when swatching shades at the counter, prompting her to develop a solution. Chemburkar advises taking a proactive approach by stepping outside to capture photos in natural daylight and various lighting environments before settling on a shade. This method ensures confidence that the chosen foundation will harmonize with your skin tone under any lighting conditions.

3. Sheer makeup doesn’t mean no makeup at all

Trying out a no-makeup makeup style requires finesse and patience, often evolving into an art form mastered over time. According to renowned celebrity makeup artist Mitali Vakil, the essence lies in maintaining a light touch. Throughout her career, she has cultivated several techniques. Among her top tips? “One of my personal favorites involves incorporating a hint of Vaseline into the foundation for a subtle, effortless effect. This allows me to seamlessly blend the makeup until it melds seamlessly with the skin,” she reveals.

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4. Think cream before concealer

Melanin-enriched skin tends to exhibit increased susceptibility to dark circles and pigmentation. However, makeup expert Namrata Soni asserts that selecting the right products can play a pivotal role in effectively concealing these areas. Yet, before delving into the nuances of textures and coverage, Soni emphasizes the significance of meticulous skin preparation, particularly focusing on the application of an effective eye cream. “Prioritize prepping your skin adequately before applying any concealer,” she advises. “Utilize a high-quality eye cream to ensure optimal adherence of the concealer without any creasing.” Following this preparatory step, Soni advocates for the use of loose translucent powder to set the concealer. “Opt for a powder puff for application, not a brush,” she stresses. “Brush application may fail to properly set the creamy consistency of the concealer. Therefore, delicately press the powder into the skin using a powder puff for optimal results.”

5. Say farewell to concealer creases with a makeup sponge

The versatility of a makeup sponge knows no bounds, and Chemburkar swears by its ability to reach even the most challenging corners of the face. When aiming for flawlessly applied concealer without visible streaks, she suggests employing the pointed tip of a classic egg-shaped sponge to navigate the inner corners of the eyes effortlessly. “I’ve found that gently patting on concealer with my fingertip warms the product, allowing it to meld seamlessly with the skin,” she explains. “Then, I utilize the sponge to delicately tap and press the concealer into place, ensuring it sets smoothly without any creasing or unwanted finger imprints.”

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6. Wing it right

Perfecting the winged eye look can be a challenge, whether you’re a beginner finding your balance or a seasoned pro experimenting with bold styles. Sandhya Shekar, with her expertise, has devised some clever techniques. She shares, “A simple trick I often employ, especially with the celebrities I collaborate with, is to start by keeping the eyes open, gazing directly into the mirror. Begin by sketching the angular wings on both eyes, then close one eye to seamlessly connect the wings to the lash line before mirroring the process on the other side.”

7. Layer your liner

Ever wondered how your favorite stars effortlessly rock the bold, smoldering eye look on the red carpet? The trick lies in diversifying your eyeliner arsenal. To enhance the drama of your eyeliner, employing a kohl pencil initially followed by a liquid or cream liner proves beneficial. The broader tip of the pencil allows for seamless gliding, generous coverage, and precise application close to the lash line, unlike liquid liners which demand precision and expertise for that flawless finish, especially if not practiced daily. Whenever I aim for a striking red carpet appearance, my go-to method involves starting with a pencil, softly blending it with my fingertips, and then culminating with a cream or liquid liner for an unparalleled impact.

8. Good riddance to glitter fallout

As the festive season draws near, now is the perfect time to experiment with captivating party makeup looks in front of your mirror. If you’ve been hesitant to embrace glitter eyeshadows due to concerns about fallout, celebrity makeup artist Marianna Mukuchyan offers reassuring advice. “Glitter eyes are currently in vogue, but mastering this texture can be challenging. Prioritize applying an eyeshadow base to enhance glitter adherence. Additionally, stray glitter particles can detract from the overall aesthetic by landing on the cheeks. Employing a piece of tape to gently lift away any unwanted glitter ensures a flawless finish,” she advises.

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9. Go bold or go home

In the sacred canon of makeup, the decree against combining daring eye and lip looks is etched in immutable stone. Yet, makeup artist Puneet Saini challenges the status quo, advocating for occasional rule-breaking. For those daring to embrace the full spectrum of possibilities, she offers guidance: “Embrace vibrant tones within a harmonious palette. Contrasting hues can also captivate, such as pairing a green eyeshadow with a pink or red lip. So long as balance is maintained, and a clean, fresh aesthetic is upheld, this audacious fusion can yield striking results.”

10. Dewy or die

One of Korea’s notable exports to the global beauty scene is the admiration for naturally radiant skin, yet the ever-changing Indian climate can pose challenges. The fundamental understanding is that maintaining a dewy complexion in such conditions can be challenging. To adapt it effectively, the key is to combine a radiant-finish foundation with a highlighter that complements your skin’s undertones, be it warm or cool. Layering this with a light application of translucent setting powder is essential for prolonged wear,” he suggests.