Hey there! I’m Agatha C., the Founder and creative mind behind Pulsezap.

My journey with Pulsezap began in July 2020, right in the thick of the COVID chaos when remote work had become the norm.

Before fully diving into the world of ‘blogging’, I spent my days as a full-time writer for a well-known fashion magazine.

Pulsezap’s inception wasn’t anything extravagant. It first began as a personal blog, a digital haven where I poured out my thoughts during those uncertain times.

But as I spent my days typing away, it evolved into something more profound—a space where I found solace in sharing my experiences and narratives.

My passion for travelling, fashion, and everything else interesting and my love for uncovering the hidden gems of our world inspired me to create this blog with one purpose in mind: to gather all the answers to life’s curiosities under one virtual roof.

So, come join me on this journey!

Let’s transform Pulsezap into more than just a hub of information.

Together, let’s mould it into a warm, inviting home—a place where you not only find what you seek but also connect with a community that feels like family.

 Welcome aboard!