8 Best And Easy Ways To Shrink Jeans

8 Best And Easy Ways To Shrink Jeans

Bring your old skinny jeans back to life with these simple and easy-to-follow hacks.

We’ve all been there, feeling the annoyance of stretched-out jeans—it’s just part of life, isn’t it? Suddenly the waistband isn’t as snug, and those creases at the knees are all too familiar from a day of sitting. Sound familiar?

But fear not, there’s a solution: shrinking your jeans. That’s right, shrinking is the new trend. These jeans are tighter than your average pair and more form-fitting than skinny jeans. They sit higher on the waistline, giving your legs, hips, and butt a sleeker look. So, you might be wondering, How exactly do you shrink your jeans to get that perfect fit? Well, it’s simpler than you think. With a few tricks up your sleeve (or cuffs, rather), you can discover how to shrink your jeans and say goodbye to those bothersome fit issues for good.

8 Best Ways To Shrink Jeans Easily

1. Use Dry ice

Wrap your jeans snugly in a plastic bag, then double up by putting them in another bag and sealing it up tight. Next, nestle them in a chunk of dry ice for a few hours, giving them space to shrink down. Just keep an eye out, because some materials might stiffen or suffer damage once the dry ice dissipates.

2. Use an iron

Spritz some warm water on any saggy spots of your jeans, like the waist, thighs, or knees. Set your iron to cotton and gently glide it over the damp spots. Don’t linger too long in one spot. Once your jeans are all dry, slip into them and rock your refreshed look!


3. Get Into The Bath

So, it might feel a bit weird at first, but trust me, it does the trick. Start by filling up your bathtub with nice, warm water—no need for soap here. Then, hop in wearing your jeans and let yourself soak until the water cools down a bit. Once you’re done, step out, give yourself a shake to get rid of any excess water, and then hang out for a bit until your jeans dry completely. Danny, this cool guy on YouTube, talked about how he shrinks his jeans using this method. He even mentioned, “The water’s just warm enough to be comfortable, not too hot that it’s unbearable to sit in.” And he’s really happy with the results, saying, “I can totally feel the difference, and I bet you can see it too.”

4. Shrink Jeans Using A Paddle

First, run some warm water into your sink and toss your jeans in there. Let them soak for a bit until they’re nice and wet. Once they’re soaked, pull them out and give them a good squeeze to get rid of excess water, but not too dry. Now, grab a wooden spoon or paddle and start tapping all over the jeans for about ten minutes on each side. This helps to shrink them down by adding some friction in key spots.

5. Use The Freezer Method

Pop your jeans in the freezer overnight, then grab them in the morning. Give them a day or two, and they’ll tighten up nicely for you to slip into. But, steer clear of doing this with cotton clothes – they’ll end up feeling like cardboard once they thaw out.

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6. Throw Them In The Dryer

Here’s a simple trick: toss your stretched-out jeans into the washing machine and crank up the heat setting to the max. Then, pop them into the dryer and wait until they’re completely dry. Voila! Your shrunken jeans are good to go. Just be careful if your jeans are made of delicate material—adjust the washer temperature accordingly to avoid any mishaps.

7. Use The Boiling Method

First, grab a big pot and fill it up with water that’s just warm, not scalding hot – around 70 degrees should do. Remember, really hot water can harm your jeans.

Now, flip your jeans inside out and lay them gently over the pot so they’re completely covered by the water. If they’re not fully submerged, give them a gentle nudge with a spoon or ladle.

Let them soak for about 20 to 30 minutes, stirring the water occasionally to make sure every part gets a good soak. Oh, and don’t bother with fabric softener – it’ll just make your jeans too relaxed!

Once they’ve had their spa treatment, just drain the water and let your jeans air dry. Easy peasy!

8. Try Clothesline Drying

If you’re hoping to give your jeans a snugger fit, why not give the old-fashioned clothesline drying method a shot? Just wash your jeans as you normally would, then hang them on the line instead of tossing them in the dryer. The breeze and sunlight will work their magic, subtly shrinking your denim. It’s worth noting that not all jeans will shrink in the same way, and this trick might not be effective for every type of denim. But if you’re after a bit of shrinkage, it’s definitely worth a try! Bonus points: Air-drying your laundry outside is gentle on your clothes, helping to extend their lifespan compared to the wear and tear of tumble dryers. Remember, though, what works for one fabric might not work for another, so it’s all about finding what works best for your specific materials.

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