18 Fall 2024 Fashion Trends

18 Fall 2024 Fashion Trends

Diving headlong into this season’s latest autumnal trends feels akin to hitting the fashion reset button, particularly when designers unveil exhilarating runway spectacles. The fall/winter collections of this year burst forth with vibrant hues, striking silhouettes, and revamped essentials ripe for endless permutations in fresh fall ensembles. The fashion trends of Fall 2024 exuded a luxurious allure that left us salivating. Choosing a favorite look feels impossible—it’s a feast for the eyes.

Beyond the covetable autumn pieces, this season’s runway exhibits showcased plenty of attire you likely already have in your wardrobe. While many designers emphasized layering with staples like cardigans and blazers, there were also looks that made use of summer favorites such as sleek dresses and strapless tops. Ahead, we’ve curated the finest trends of Fall 2023 to elevate your wardrobe rotation for sweater weather and beyond.

18 Fall 2024 Fashion Trends

1. Rich red

Red emerged as the most daring color trend gracing the runways this season, dominating the landscape of fall Fashion Week. Monochromatic ensembles took center stage, showcasing a spectrum of shades from Stella McCartney’s collection of cool-toned separates to Ester Manas’s captivating warm-toned halter tops paired with fringe skirts.

2. The Peplum 2.0

It was inevitable. The resurgence of the peplum trend is in full swing, and this fall, its influence extends beyond just tops. Christopher Kane infused Edwardian-inspired ruffles to impart a lively flair to pencil skirts. Paco Rabanne paid homage to Victorian pocket hoops by incorporating futuristic metallic fringe. Meanwhile, Balmain and Moschino drew inspiration from the hip fins and panniers of classical corsetry, crafting peplum tops that exude a contemporary allure.

3. High Water Hemlines

In 2023, maxiskirts have taken on a more theatrical flair, while miniskirts have ventured into even bolder, shorter territories. Come fall, designers introduced an intriguing alternative: an ankle-skimming hemline that marries the allure of both extremes. Prada showcased tea-length skirts imbued with a flirtatious petticoat flounce, while Dior unveiled sweeping, pleated iterations brimming with dynamic movement.

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4. Olive Oil Green

Olive oil green, akin to the beloved vintage chartreuse favored by celebrities, possesses a creamy hue with hints of yellow, offering versatility that ranges from striking neon vibrancy to understated near-neutrality.

5. Mellow Yellow

The Fall/Winter runways dazzled with a rich array of yellow hues spanning from subdued mustard tones to vibrant lemony shades. Particularly captivating were the radiant yellow sweaters showcased by Christopher Kane and Prada, promising a welcome infusion of vitamin D cheerfulness to combat the winter blues.

6. Navel Grazers

This year, designers unleashed the theatrics with plunging v-neck tops, dresses, and outerwear. Embrace the sultry allure of this trend (with the help of some trusty boob tape!) à la Stella McCartney, or opt to layer for a striking contrast and a hint of modesty.

7. Sweater Dresses

While the popularity of sweater dresses may fluctuate over time, the elaborate cable knits and figure-enhancing ribbed styles showcased on this season’s catwalks seem poised to transcend fleeting trends and become timeless staples. Icons such as Isabel Marant, Max Mara, and Tod’s not only embraced a subdued, ethereal color scheme but also presented sweater dresses with refined and elevated silhouettes.

8. Top-Shelf Tartan

Similar to flannel, the plaid patterns and textured weave of tartan exude a natural sense of comfort and informality. However, this hasn’t deterred designers from presenting elevated interpretations of tartan in high fashion. Whether it’s chic pencil skirts, elegant shawls, or luxurious streetwear separates, the woolen plaid pieces of this autumn are undeniably premium.

9. Fit to Be Tied

If you were among those who conscientiously sought out skinny ties from Hot Topic in the past, brace yourself for a wave of nostalgia. Serving as a seamless complement to the business-chic trend that took center stage on the fall runways, this humble accessory was often sighted nestled within outer layers, crafting a polished yet approachable demeanor—not overly formal, but definitely buttoned-up.

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10. Scoop-Neck Tops

Amidst a wave of turtlenecks and attention-grabbing off-the-shoulder ensembles, the sight of the unassuming scoop neck was a breath of fresh air. This foundational wardrobe piece proves to be the perfect canvas, effortlessly complementing boldly patterned trousers, cinched skirts, or eye-catching boots.

11. Hot Fuzz

As the colder temperatures creep back in, there’s no assurance of encountering snug autumnal collections, yet Germainer, Gucci, and Undercover appeared to have warmth at the forefront of their designs. While “teddy bear chic” wasn’t a prediction on our 2023 fall trend radar, we certainly aren’t lamenting the abundance of plush faux fur dresses and fluffy jackets gracing this season’s offerings.

12. Cold Shoulders

The abundance of off-the-shoulder tops gracing the runways this season tempted us to swiftly fill our online shopping carts with a selection of strapless bras. But if investing in a new shoulder-baring ensemble isn’t within your fall budget, fear not. You can easily embrace this trend by elegantly slipping a sweater off your shoulders, effortlessly joining the chic brigade.

13. Bust Couplets

This season’s runways prominently featured sculpted bust cups as their focal point. From ingenious cut-outs to graceful drapery, décolletage took center stage at Louis Vuitton, Vivienne Westwood, and Rokh, showcasing a blend of innovation and femininity.

14. Sculpted Sleeves

Designers like Louis Vuitton, A.W.A.K.E Mode, and Anteprima answered the call of sweater weather with rounded and whimsical sleeves that toyed with puff and padding. This subtle trend can instantly elevate a casual look and takes exactly zero effort to pull off. That’s a win in our book.

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15. Turtlenecks

Forget about slouchy turtlenecks; they’re so last season. This year, it’s all about sleek, structured turtleneck tops that demand attention, showcasing rich jewel tones and luxurious materials. Brands like Gucci and Givenchy even took it a step further by adorning these statement pieces with eye-catching jewelry to accentuate the neckline.

16. Summer Sheers

Hold off on stowing away your beloved summer maxidress just yet. Rather, seize the opportunity to elevate this breezy warm-weather essential by layering it over longer-sleeved garments. Embrace a monochromatic aesthetic reminiscent of Anteprima, or amplify the visual impact by juxtaposing it with a sheer printed top, drawing inspiration from the likes of Chanel and Missoni.

17. ’80s Business Chic

The echoes of the ’80s reverberated powerfully at Balmain, Emporio Armani, and Moschino, where the autumnal theme of sharp suiting showcased nostalgic silhouettes. Balmain and Moschino flaunted high-contrast black-and-white skirt sets and dresses, tailored to accentuate curves with cinched perfection. Meanwhile, Emporio Armani presented a relaxed yet commanding velvet power suit, exuding an air of effortless sophistication.

18. Boxy Blazers

Scarcely a runway presentation passed without the conspicuous presence of at least one oversized blazer this season. Enhanced with exaggerated shoulders, theatrical lapels, and double-breasted buttons, this iteration elevates the already adored XXL blazer trend, adding a layer of depth and intricate detailing favored by celebrities worldwide.