10 Hair Color Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2024

10 Hair Color Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2024

As the calendar flips to a new year, a wave of transformation sweeps through our routines, right down to the hues that define our locks. Thus far, the eagerly awaited hair color trends of 2024 amplify the allure of retro charm and lavish luxury. “It’s a divide between bold statements and effortless naturals,” observes celebrity colorist Emaly Baum of New York’s Beauty Supply. “People are either diving headfirst into striking looks or embracing their natural tones, bidding adieu to frequent salon visits.” Matt Rez, renowned for crafting the iconic colors of stars like Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa, echoes this sentiment: “Warmth and low-maintenance elegance will reign supreme this year within the ‘natural’ spectrum of hair hues,” he predicts.

For hairstylist Phoebe Nathan, bridging the gap between New York and London, 2024’s hair color narrative is steeped in richness, warmth, and vintage charm. “We’re poised to see a resurgence of inspiration from the luminaries of the ’60s and ’90s, even if it’s channeled through contemporary films or TV biopics,” she notes. Another prevailing theme? Opulence. “Luxury is the common thread,” affirms hairstylist Illeisha Lussiano. “Whether it’s the allure of downtown chic, pristine elegance, mafia sophistication, or tomboy edge, the desire to exude opulence permeates each aesthetic.” Amidst the revival of retro vibes and indulgent tones, experts emphasize the importance of delving into color theory and understanding your personal palette to pinpoint the perfect shade.

Here are 10 hair colors expected to define 2024.

1. Muted Blonde

Consider it the “Taylor Swift effect” or a broader shift toward more natural-looking tones — the warm, earthy, almost subdued blonde is making a triumphant return. Those naturally sporting this hue might find its sudden resurgence surprising (cue: TikTok), but its understated charm seamlessly aligns with the current aesthetic and offers ample room for personalization to complement individual features. According to Nathan, expect a decline in the prevalence of cool, icy blondes, making way for a wave of neutral-to-warm tones like champagne and “Bambi” blondes. These gentler, sun-kissed shades, ranging from honey-infused to soft beige, can be tailored to the wearer’s desired effect and skin tone with ease.

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2. Beachy Brunette

“According to Nathan, there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to enhancing natural brunette hair, whether it’s infusing golden and copper accents into the base or opting for permanent color or balayage techniques to achieve subtly lighter or more daring tones. For those seeking a sun-kissed hue that’s not quite blonde, the beach-bound brunette is a fantastic option,” suggests Rez. “It’s a nuanced take on traditional dark chocolate brunette, featuring a medium brown shade that transcends seasons, with sun-kissed highlights scattered throughout. The warmth of these lighter ends can be tailored to suit any complexion.”

3. Cherry Cola

Fiery red locks are firmly entrenched in the realm of style, but this rendition elevates the hue to profound, almost brooding depths. “In contrast to the rustic copper trend prevalent lately, cherry cola exudes a less organic vibe; it flaunts vibrant red tones intertwined with deep violet undertones,” remarks Baum. “It commands attention in any crowd, unmistakably defying notions of low maintenance or natural color.” Let Dua Lipa serve as your beacon: “One prominent trend emerging this year is the spectrum of cherry red, ranging from rich, deep hues akin to merlot to intensely vibrant shades reminiscent of maraschino,” notes Nathan, drawing inspiration from Lipa’s striking mane.

4. Off-Black

Embracing the audacious essence of black, but with a touch of delicacy. “We draw significant aesthetic inspiration from leading ladies in cinema, and this year has seen a remarkable presence of captivating raven-haired characters,” remarks Nathan, highlighting Sofia Coppola’s portrayal of Priscilla, Emma Stone’s role as Bella Baxter in Poor Things, and the upcoming Amy Winehouse-inspired film, Back to Black. “I anticipate we’ll witness an emergence of bold, dark, lustrous hair in the coming months.” The resulting hue manifests as a velvety soft espresso, a shade not quite black yet infused with a captivating hint of allure, injecting a welcomed measure of theatricality.

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5. Golden Hour Blonde

In addition to hues like beige and near-chantilly blonde, sun-touched blonde is poised to illuminate 2024. Described by Rita Hazan, renowned as Beyoncé’s trusted colorist, as “a natural yet radiant and cheerful aesthetic that imparts a sun-kissed radiance to the complexion.” This shade beckons as your passport to an everlasting summer. Lussiano adds, “[The color] mimics the sun-kissed highlights one would naturally acquire after basking in the sun for extended periods, reminiscent of the playful glow seen on children during summer.”

6. Modern Ombré

“This shade embodies ease and simplicity, offering a subtle homage to the beloved 2000s aesthetic without veering into cringeworthy territory,” Baum remarks. For those who typically shy away from rooty styles, Lussiano offers a refreshing alternative. “Embrace the lived-in color: it’s the perfect solution for a lifestyle that thrives on less frequent touch-ups, sparing you the hassle of root maintenance every five weeks.”

7. Creamed Honey

Say hello to a dimensional, creamy, buttery blonde. “It’s very reminiscent of a ‘90s shade of blonde (think Claudia Schiffer, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Reese Witherspoon), which has already begun to come back in a major way,” says Nathan. This blonde is a nice option for those who favor a brightening frame but prefer a timeless honeyed hue to a summertime aesthetic. 

8. Vivid Copper

The resurgence of red hues persists, with even more subdued tones embracing a touch of boldness. According to celebrity hairstylist Jenna Perry, “Redhead transformations instantly enhance the radiance of someone’s complexion.” She adds, “Most often, the individual’s appearance is instantly elevated.” This contemporary approach to copper tones focuses on intensifying saturation.

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9. Decadent Chocolate

“Perry suggests that brunettes exude an aura of understated opulence and self-assurance. The deep brunette hue remains influential, radiating a cozy and lavish allure that transcends time. Rez, on the other hand, crafted a quintessential shade tailored for Camila Morrone. “It leans towards a uniform color profile with its rich depth, subtly revealing warm undertones primarily towards the ends to impart a gentle softness,” explains Rez regarding the intricate nuances of the tone.”

10. All Natural

One standout trend of the year? Letting your hair be, allowing your natural color to shine while prioritizing hair health. According to hairstylist Colleen Flaherty, “People are either dialing down their current look or fully embracing their natural hue. Everyone’s focused on nourishing their hair, embracing the less-is-more approach.” Perry encapsulates the sentiment perfectly, emphasizing, “I hydrate, take my supplements, prioritize good sleep.”