10 Color Trends You’ll Want to Wear This Spring

10 Color Trends You’ll Want to Wear This Spring

Each year, the anticipation builds as we eagerly await the chance to rejuvenate our wardrobe with the vibrant hues of spring. While the somber tones of autumn and winter hold their own charm, there’s an undeniable allure to embracing the sun-kissed color palette of spring. Thanks to esteemed fashion houses like Miu Miu, Gucci, Versace, and Tom Ford, this season’s color trends offer a tantalizing array of options. Across the stages of Paris, Milan, and New York Fashion Week, designers unveiled a kaleidoscope of trendy shades, ranging from near-neons to subtle neutrals, and boasting textures that transcend the conventional pastel stereotypes often associated with spring fashion.

Whether your taste leans towards understated elegance or bold technicolor statements, the ten trending shades for spring showcased below promise to ignite your fashion imagination with a spectrum of possibilities.

1. Poppy

Rich, atmospheric reds dominated the fall fashion scene. And if the Spring/Summer 2024 runways are any indication, this hue’s reign isn’t coming to an end anytime soon. As we transition to the warmer months, the allure of poppy red is irresistible—a bold shade infused with the vibrancy of orange undertones. This color commands attention, making it the perfect pick for wardrobe staples such as blazers, jackets, or blouses.

2. Glacial blue

Our prediction was spot on. Cool-toned metallics reign supreme among this year’s hottest trends. Among these coveted shades, icy blue stands out as the undeniable star of the runway. Seen in the Spring/Summer collections of Versace, Tom Ford, and Bottega Veneta, this frosty hue effortlessly infuses a sense of cool sophistication into both standout pieces and accessories.

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3. Chartreuse

In the past summer, our attention was captured by celebrities donning vintage chartreuse, a refined interpretation of this vibrant green hue. Brands like Gucci, PatBo, and Coach showcased chartreuse prominently in their Spring/Summer 2024 collections, elevating the color with playful additions like fringe, crochet, and intricate embroidery. To fully embrace this trending shade, complement it with a luscious jewel tone. Whether it’s navy blue, burgundy, or forest green, pairing any chartreuse piece with these rich hues will make a striking statement.

4. Peach Fuzz

When Pantone makes a declaration, the fashion world takes note. Pantone’s selection for the 2024 color of the year is “peach fuzz,” a gentle and calming hue that holds remarkable influence whether used as a subtle highlight or as the centerpiece of a harmonious monochromatic ensemble.

5. Haute Chocolate

While rich chocolate brown may appear more synonymous with winter than with warmer seasons, take our word for it—along with the endorsement of Michael Kors, Hermès, and Saint Laurent—that this hue is poised to make a statement this spring. Swap out your usual neutrals for it, pair it effortlessly with denim, or make a bold statement by mixing and matching lightweight black and brown pieces.

6. Hammered Silver

Among the array of metallic hues dominating this year’s trends, hammered silver emerges as a standout due to its distinctive texture. Not all silver variations are crafted alike, and the current trend for 2024 accentuates its brilliance. As spring approaches, we advise seeking out resilient pieces with sufficient framework to carry off a lustrous, multi-dimensional finish reminiscent of molten metal.

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7. Green Tea Teal

A distant relative of frosty metallics, the shade known as green tea teal embodies a cool-toned off-white hue, delicately infused with the gentle essence of early spring’s pale green. While this rejuvenating color manifested as a soft, almost white hue on the runways of Zimmerman, Simone Rocha, and Missoni, it lingered a bit longer at Fendi, Gucci, and Tom Ford, where fashion titans opted for a sharp, more deeply saturated interpretation.

8. Goldenseal.

Radiant and attention-grabbing, goldenseal derives its potency from its rich pigment. Helmut Lang, Ulla Johnson, and Miu Miu all embraced this intensely saturated hue in their Spring/Summer 2024 collections. Whether showcased as a striking standalone piece or woven into a pattern or utilized as an accent in a color-blocked ensemble, the presence of this primary color is undeniably impactful.

9. Warm Lavender

Traditionally associated with coolness, lavender has undergone a warming transformation for Spring 2024. This almost blush-like shade, prominently featured in the Spring/Summer 2024 collections of Issey Miyake, Moschino, and Burberry, lends itself particularly well to sheer fabrics, imbuing them with an ethereal depth. Not fond of gossamer silk or chiffon? Experiment with this trending hue in faux or patent leather for a subtle yet striking sheen.

10. Liquid Gold

We’ve been dreaming of liquid gold looks since we saw them in the Spring/Summer collections of Ralph Lauren, Christian Siriano, and Coperni. Unlike this season’s other trending metallics, liquid gold’s draws its glamour from appearing in a constant state of flux. To create a golden look with lots of movement, we recommend reaching for maxi skirts and dresses or long jackets.

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