What is cold cream? How does it work?

What is cold cream? How does it work?

What is cold cream?

Have you ever used one. Let’s learn about what is cold cream? and some of its benefits and uses. Keep reading to find out more.

What is cold cream?

From a young age, many of us have watched in awe as our mothers or grandmothers applied cold cream to their faces and hands before going to bed. It was an essential part of their skincare routine, one they could never skip.

Today cold cream seemed to fade into obscurity as newer, more innovative products have taken over the skin care industry.

Modern skincare trends now favor complex regimens like the 10-step Korean routine, serums, peptides, and even heavy chemical peels, making skincare more multifaceted than ever.

Despite this shift, cold cream is an important product that shouldn’t be overlooked for its counterparts. It is a simple yet effective skincare staple that deserves a place in your modern routine.

What is cold cream?

Let’s start by answering the most common question: What is cold cream?

The name “cold cream” originates from the cool and refreshing sensation the cream provides when applied to the skin. It is a water-in-oil emulsion that feels cool to the touch.

Cold cream, a longstanding facial cleanser and moisturizer, has been used for centuries to clean and hydrate the skin. Made from a blend of water, oil, and wax, it forms a thick, creamy emulsion that effectively removes dirt, makeup, and other impurities.

Cold cream creates a barrier on the skin’s surface, helping to retain moisture and protect against environmental irritants. The oil and wax act as emollients, softening and smoothing the skin, while the water hydrates and refreshes.

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Is ‘Cold Cream’ beneficial for your skin?

The benefits of cold cream are many.

By design, cold cream is meant to topically moisturize the skin, so anyone looking to boost the hydration of their skin can benefit from using this product.

However, those with particularly sensitive skin or dry, itchy skin will benefit the most from using it daily to improve the texture and appearance of their complexion. 

Water Content for hydration: The water in cold cream penetrates the skin’s outer layers, providing essential hydration right where it’s required.

Oil and Wax: Cold cream contains oils and waxes such as mineral oil or beeswax, which provide a protective layer on the skin’s surface.

Emollient Properties: The oil and wax both work as emollients, which means they soften and smooth the skin by filling up the spaces between skin cells.

Long-lasting Effects: Because cold cream develops a semi-permeable layer, it provides long-term hydration, making it especially good for people with chronic dryness or dehydration.

Barrier Protection: Cold cream creates a barrier that protects the skin from external forces that can promote moisture loss, such as wind, cold weather, and low humidity. This makes it a fantastic alternative for keeping skin hydrated in extreme weather situations.

Improves skin texture: Cold cream can help to improve the texture of the skin by removing dead skin cells and promoting cell renewal. This can leave the skin looking brighter and more radiant.

How to use cold cream?

Cold cream is a versatile skincare product that can be applied to the skin in a variety of ways to cleanse and moisturize it. Here’s how you can include cold cream in your everyday skincare routine:

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How to Use Cold Cream

Begin with clean hands to ensure you don’t transfer dirt or bacteria to your face.


Scoop a small amount of cold cream with your fingers or a spatula.

Apply the cream to your face in small dots, focusing on areas where you want to remove makeup or where your skin feels dry.


Gently massage the cold cream into your skin using circular motions. This helps to dissolve makeup, dirt, and impurities.

Spend extra time on areas with heavy makeup or dry patches.


For makeup removal: Use a soft tissue, cotton pad, or damp washcloth to wipe away the cream along with the dissolved makeup and impurities.
For extra hydration: You can leave a thin layer of cold cream on your skin overnight as a moisturizing mask and rinse off in the morning.

Rinse (optional): If you prefer, you can rinse your face with lukewarm water after wiping off the cream to remove any residue. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

Follow-up Skincare: Apply your regular toner, serum, and moisturizer, if desired, to lock in additional hydration and benefits.

Which cold creams are best on the market?

1. Nivea CREME

What is cold cream?

This is the same cold cream your mother or grandma swears by, and for good reason. Its nourishing power is no joke. It softens and smooths even the roughest skin on your elbows, knees, and heels. Perfect for dry skin, this multi-purpose cream is packed with provitamin B5 and is dermatologically approved. It intensely moisturizes, soothes, and protects your skin from extreme dryness.

2. Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser

Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser easily removes stubborn makeup! It easily dissolves waterproof makeup thanks to its potent oil and water combination, which includes beeswax and mineral oil. Additionally, it contains 50% moisturizer, which keeps your skin nourished without drying out. Dermatologist-tested, it leaves your skin luminous, silky, and soft. Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser is ideal for intense moisturizing and cleansing!

3. Mustela Baby Face Cold Cream

Dryness affects everyone, including babies and toddlers. That’s why Mustela Baby Face Cream provides delicate care to worried mothers. This dermatologist-tested product contains 95% plant-based components, including ceramides, shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, and avocado perseose, resulting in the softest touch. It also contains Mustela’s trademark aroma, ensuring a wonderful experience.

4. Chifure Cold Cream

Prepare to be blown away by the luscious texture of this cold cream cleanser. Massage it onto your skin for a thick and creamy texture that cleanses and moisturizes without effort. Despite its soft touch, it may thoroughly remove dirt, pollutants, and even waterproof makeup. If you have dull, dry skin, this creamy face cleanser could be the right remedy.

5. Thalgo Nutri Soothing Rich Cream

This top-tier cold cream from Thalgo is clinically proven skincare that delivers excellence inside and out. Packaged in a stunning azure bottle, it ensures 24-hour comfort for your skin. With a blend of marine ingredients like phytoplankton microalgae oil, marine wax, and beauty water, this dermatologist-tested formula intensely soothes, repairs, and replenishes your skin.