Dakota Johnson’s 27 Iconic Hairstyles Over The Years

Dakota Johnson’s 27 Iconic Hairstyles Over The Years

When Dakota Johnson burst onto the scene with the “Fifty Shades” movies, she skyrocketed into the spotlight overnight. However, she’s proven that her journey didn’t stop there. With grace and style, she’s transformed into a true fashion icon, captivating hearts with her impeccable sense of elegance. Let’s delve into the enchanting realm of Dakota Johnson’s hairstyles, each one a testament to her evolving persona and the adoration she inspires.

In this article, we’ll explore:

  1. Bangs and ponytails
  2. Sleek straight hairstyles
  3. Layers that add depth and charm
  4. Flirty blondes and other captivating hair color

27 Best Dakota Johnson Hairstyles

1. Beach Waves

Dakota’s beachy waves effortlessly capture a delightful, tousled charm, lending the actress a captivatingly natural hair flow! With a hint of soft balayage, her locks exude an exquisite finishing touch to her overall appearance!

Mark Townsend, Dakota’s trusted hairstylist over the years, holds a deep admiration for beach waves, affirming, “It’s a timeless trend; anyone can achieve it, and it adds a cool vibe that never fades.”

2. Piece-y Bangs

Dakota has emerged as the ultimate muse when it comes to finding inspiration for various bang styles. Her effortlessly chic, piece-y bangs have practically become synonymous with her persona over time, cementing their status as her signature look!

And when we delve into legendary celebrity hairstyles, it’s impossible not to conjure up Jennifer Aniston’s iconic ‘do from her days on “Friends.”

3. Straight Long Hairstyle

If you’re seeking inspiration for luscious locks from a Hollywood star, Dakota is your go-to gal! With her flowing mane, she effortlessly showcases stunning hairstyles. Take this sleek, straight look, for instance – it’s simply exquisite!

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4. Brunette Hair Pony

In 2018, the ensemble of the actress at the Golden Globe Awards transformed into an iconic Dakota Johnson hairstyle, showcasing the beauty and versatility of a ponytail. She demonstrated that beyond its practicality, a well-styled ponytail can exude elegance and charm, making it perfect for any occasion!

5. Glossy Chocolate Brown Hairstyle

Adding a shine spray or gloss can completely transform a hairstyle, just like we see in Dakota’s stunning and trendy look! Her dark locks radiate a glossy sheen, giving her a truly captivating and glamorous appearance!

6. Blond Shoulder Length Hair

Did you catch that Dakota Johnson’s natural hair color is actually blonde? It’s true! While she’s often recognized for her gorgeous chocolate brown locks, this portrait reveals how effortlessly stunning she looks with lighter, wavy hair.

And if you’re seeking further hair inspiration, take a peek at Meg Ryan’s hairstyles! She offers plenty of ideas, especially for those rocking mid-length hair.

7. Brunette Ponytail With Fringe 

We’re used to seeing the actress all dolled up for events and shoots, but her street style? It’s just as fabulous! From her effortless hair and makeup to her laid-back attire, she exudes a shoot-worthy vibe even on the sidewalks. Those uncomplicated long layers? They’re effortlessly chic and oh-so-charming. If you’re eyeing those lengthy locks, you can achieve the look with a little help from hair extensions too.

8. Long Layers

We’re accustomed to seeing the actress glammed up for events and shoots, but her street style is equally impressive! Whether it’s her effortless hair and makeup or her relaxed attire, she exudes the same elegance you’d expect on set. Her understated long layers are effortlessly chic, easy to manage yet captivating. Achieving similar length and style can be as simple as opting for hair extensions.

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9. Bun With Face-framing Layers

One of Dakota’s go-to hairstyles that her fans adore is combining her signature bangs with layers, creating a look that perfectly frames her face. In this picture, she showcases face-framing layers that enhance her natural beauty, highlighting her stunning features.

10. Brushed Out Waves

The soft undulation of the waves in this cascading hairstyle infuses it with an air of natural allure, conjuring up a flawless aesthetic reminiscent of a scene lifted from a dreamy Pinterest board. To fully embrace the spirit of this hairdo, why not enhance it with a subtle balayage, akin to the one effortlessly showcased by Dakota herself?