15 Best Makeup Looks Of The ‘60s

15 Best Makeup Looks Of The ‘60s

Makeup and beauty trends are always changing, like a revolving door of styles. Some disappear forever, while others circle back around, sometimes with a modern twist. If you’ve been loving soft pastel eye looks, long lashes coated in thick mascara, and that flawless matte finish, you owe a debt of gratitude to the 1960s. Guess what? The swinging sixties are making a comeback! It’s time to dust off your makeup brushes and update your vanity because those iconic 60s trends are making a steady return. This article will whisk you away on a journey through the makeup trends of that groovy era. So, get ready for a wave of nostalgia and let’s dive in!

15 Best ‘60s Makeup Looks That Are Evergreen

The iconic makeup styles of the 1960s have made a triumphant comeback, and they’re making their presence felt everywhere. The bold and dramatic flair of ’60s makeup has seamlessly blended into modern trends, with pale lips making a comeback as part of the minimalist movement. Dive into the world of ’60s glamor with these 15 stunning looks and get ready to be inspired. Let the beauty journey begin!

1. Twiggy

Creating super dramatic lashes with that iconic black crease line is truly one of Twiggy’s classic looks. When she emphasizes the definition and width of her eyes with a white eye pencil on the lower lid, it just adds to that sweet, doe-eyed charm. Pairing it with nude-ish peach lips really makes those eyes stand out. And who doesn’t adore thick lashes? Layering on mascara twice really gives that extra doll-like effect.

Jade Louise, a beauty enthusiast, dives into the 60’s makeup trend inspired by Twiggy. Reflecting on her experience, she shares, “Drawing on lower lashes and donning super-sized false lashes, I aimed to capture the essence of Twiggy, an iconic figure of that era.”

2. Elizabeth Taylor

Even though it’s just a wax figure recreating a scene from the 1963 film Cleopatra, where the iconic protagonist is portrayed, this makeup style remains one of the most memorable from the 1960s. The vibrant cerulean blue eyeshadow and dramatic black eyeliner give off that quintessential ’60s look, albeit with slightly deeper shades. The peachy, glossy lips, meant to be subtle, manage to hold their own alongside the mesmerizing Egyptian-inspired eyes, adding to the overall allure of the makeup.

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3. Jane Birkins

Birkin embodied the essence of minimalism during her time, and we’re completely smitten with her style! Her effortless makeup enhances her charm even further. The hint of ’60s influence shines through with the generous coat of mascara accentuating her gorgeous lashes. Plus, her soft pink lips and rosy cheeks give her a fresh, natural look that we absolutely adore!

4. Diana Ross

Diana Ross truly embodies the essence of the ‘60s era, and her makeup styles are just as mesmerizing as her singing. Her eyes capture the spirit of the bold and captivating look of the time, with both upper and lower lashes accentuated to perfection. Pairing it with subtle lips, she adds a touch of elegance with delicate pearl jewelry, completing her timeless and iconic appearance. It’s no wonder we can’t help but swoon over her beauty and style from that era!

5. Cher

Cher isn’t just famous for her title as the “Goddess of Pop” and her fierce stance as a feminist icon, but she also embodies the stunning beauty of the ’60s era. She effortlessly rocks the classic ’60s makeup, flaunting a bold cut crease and luxurious lashes. The soft blush and natural lips perfectly harmonize with her overall look, beautifully accentuated by the dazzling gold earrings.

6. Jane Fonda

One of the most celebrated actresses of 1960s Hollywood, Jane Fonda stole the hearts of many with her charming looks. She is one of the few actresses who dared to deviate from the typical ‘60s looks. She donned a thin black upper lash line and minimal mascara and sported bold glossy lips, and we are loving the fresh look!

7.  Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot, who also goes by B.B., is well known for her highly bold characters in films, and some of the gorgeous looks of the ‘60s. Here she has gone all out with the black eyes that go all the way from her lower lash line to the crease, rimming the eyes. She looks no less than an angel with nude lips and floral head accessories!

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8. Donyale Luna

If you really examine it closely, you’ll notice that Donyale Luna’s makeup embodies all the classic elements of 1960s beauty trends. Luna, one of the pioneering black models, carries it off with such grace. Just look at her – sporting that gorgeous yale blue eyeshadow, accentuated with bold black eyeliner and lush, long lashes. And her hair? So smooth and chic. With that matte complexion and those understated nude lips, she truly captures the essence of ‘60s glamour.

9.Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate, a beloved face of the 1960s, captured hearts as a beauty symbol, shaping the trends of her time even after her tragic passing. In this snapshot, she embraces the era’s signature style with a touch of gray eyeshadow delicately swept beneath her lower lashes. A sleek black eyeliner adorns her upper lids, subtly winged, paired with voluminous lashes. Completing the look, a hint of rosy blush and natural lips add a finishing touch to her timeless allure.

10. Sofia Loren

Besides her extensive and successful journey in acting, Sofia Loren was truly a stunning icon of glamour back in her day. With subtle makeup that accentuated her striking black eyes, she epitomized the makeup styles of the 1960s. Her captivating cat-eye look, accentuated by thick eyeliner on the upper lash line and soft, neutral eyeshadows, along with her impeccably defined eyebrows, remain inspiration for many even today!

11. Aretha Franklin

This incredibly talented singer doesn’t just captivate us with her beautiful voice, but she also wins our hearts with her stunning presence (seriously, have you seen her?). Balancing being a music sensation and a style icon is no small feat, but Aretha Franklin seems to effortlessly handle both. Her makeup game is on point too, with a mesmerizing cat-eye and a touch of smoky eyeshadow that adds a sultry vibe to her look. The nude lip and flawless skin just complete the picture perfectly.

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12. Ronnie Spector

We only said goodbye to this incredible singing talent not too long ago, but her memory lives on through the legacy she left behind. As part of The Ronettes trio, Ronnie captivated audiences with her rock and roll spirit, earning her a spot among the iconic beauties of her time. Her flawless complexion, accentuated by her signature kohl-rimmed eyes, sleek cat-eye liner, and lush lashes, defined the glamorous ’60s aesthetic.

13. Estelle Bennet

Estelle Bennet, a cherished member of the beloved ’60s girl group, The Ronettes, captured the hearts of the “swinging sixties” not only with their music but also with their iconic makeup styles. In this moment, Estelle is carefully styling her hair while applying bold, dark black eyeliner and mascara to accentuate her lashes. A touch of delicate blush and the classic nude lip of the era complete her timeless look, embodying the essence of 1960s glamour.

14. Nancy Kwan

Nancy Kwan, hailing from a Chinese background, broke barriers as one of the earliest Asian actresses to shine in Hollywood, and it’s easy to understand her appeal. This stunning Asian icon challenged the beauty norms of the ’60s by adapting them to complement her petite, expressive eyes with a subtle eyeliner touch. Yet, she stayed true to the trends of the time, embracing soft pink lips and the revival of high-arched eyebrows that we’re seeing in today’s beauty trends.

15. Nina Simone

Nina Simone always knew how to shine, whether through her music or her makeup. Take a look at her stunning onstage appearance: bold black eyeliner, sparkling green eyeshadow, and those beautifully arched eyebrows, capturing the essence of ’60s glamour. She complements it perfectly with glossy orange lips, a glittery headband, and statement earrings, exuding a confident and chic rockstar vibe!