What Shoes to Wear With Skinny Jeans?

What Shoes to Wear With Skinny Jeans?

Yes, you read that right: skinny jeans have returned. The slim-fitting, tight style—a cousin of leggings and sister to slim-fitting denim — is officially back and ready to hit the streets. Since the late 2000s and early 2010s, the skinny style has evolved through greater size inclusivity, a wider range of washes, and more variety in potential shoe pairings. With such a vast array of styles on the market today, finding the best heels, boots, or sneakers to pair with your denim — whether it’s decade-old pairs hidden in your dresser or newer iterations from brands like Gap, Frame, or Veronica Beard — may feel overwhelming. However, we’ve narrowed things down to eight top styles to try as your skinny jeans face the 2020s head-on. So, if you’re wondering what shoes to wear with skinny jeans, fret not — we’ve got you covered.

What Shoes to Wear With Skinny Jeans

1. Calf High Boots

Transitioning back into skinny jeans calls for the perfect pair of boots, and neutral-toned ones with mid-to-high heels fit the bill flawlessly. Crafted from supple suede and boasting calf-high uppers, these boots create a sleek foundation for your outfit. Their pointed toes add a touch of sophistication, while classic shades such as black, rustic brown, and deep chocolate ensure versatile elegance that complements any ensemble.

2. Colorful Sneakers

For a playful twist to your casual attire, consider slipping into a vibrant pair of sneakers to perfectly complement your favorite skinny jeans. With jeans often available in various shades of blue and black, opt for a cool-toned sneaker in hues like blue, green, or purple, adding a touch of personality to your ensemble. Seek out styles crafted with memory foam or molded insoles, nestled within a classic round-toed or creeper silhouette, ensuring both comfort and style are seamlessly combined.

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3. Embellished Kitten Pumps

For an infusion of chic glamour, elevate your skinny jeans ensemble with a dazzling pair of kitten heels. Opt for pointed-toe pumps featuring heels up to 2.5 inches for a subtle lift that elongates the legs. Look for intricate details such as multicolored crystals, sheer fabrics, or shimmering sequins to make a bold and glamorous statement. Whether you’re hitting the town or attending a special event, these stylish heels will effortlessly take your outfit to the next level, adding a touch of sparkle and sophistication to your look.

4. Foldover Boots

Foldover boots effortlessly complement skinny jeans, their sleek design mirroring the slim silhouette. With flap-style shafts crafting a chic geometric outline and closed toes offering complete coverage, these boots blend versatility with style. Available in various heel heights, they adapt seamlessly to any occasion. Opting for neutral leather or suede hues ensures effortless pairing with any outfit, while edgy details like visible zippers or locks inject a rebellious flair. Whether you’re aiming for casual chic or urban edge, foldover boots are a versatile must-have in any wardrobe.

5. Western Booties

The Western boot trend continues to gallop forward, gathering momentum with each stylish step. Ankle-high designs, adorned with intricate details, effortlessly complement snug-fitting skinny jeans, offering a whimsical twist to casual attire. Sleek, narrow toes coupled with neutral uppers exude an air of relaxed sophistication, while the addition of side embroidery, meticulous stitching, and distinctive angled or thick-block heels injects a distinctive Western flair, transforming any outfit into a themed masterpiece.

6. Leather Ballet Flats.

Ballet flats have emerged as the quintessential winter footwear trend, drawing inspiration from the “normcore” and preppy fashion movements of the early 2010s. Perfectly complementing skinny denim, they’ve become the go-to choice for fashion-forward individuals. Today’s variations span from high-shine metallics to delicate mesh Mary Janes, offering a plethora of options to suit every style preference. A timeless closed-toe flat crafted from smooth leather, available in a myriad of colorways, presents a contemporary twist to this classic silhouette. Elevating its charm are subtle accents like dainty bows, capped panels, or elegant gathered side ruching, making it a chic and sophisticated addition to any wardrobe.

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7. Studded Sandals

To give a contemporary twist reminiscent of 2010s grunge fashion, step into a pair of chic stud-accented sandals. While spiked studs were once the pinnacle of edgy footwear, today’s metal embellishments offer a more relaxed vibe with flat, bubbly, and pyramid shapes. Opt for styles in versatile neutral tones or core metallics to make a bold yet effortless statement, effortlessly complementing your existing neutral, gold, or silver accessories for a cohesive ensemble.

8. Retro Runner Sneakers

Channeling the retro vibes of the ’80s and ’90s, these runner sneakers add a sporty flair to your denim ensemble. Their laid-back, utilitarian design makes them perfect for casual outings, yet they’re equally suited for those moments when you need to dash off in a hurry. The rounded silhouette and nostalgic undertones effortlessly elevate even your sleekest pair of skinny jeans, particularly when presented in contemporary, neutral tones. So step into these kicks and effortlessly blend vintage charm with modern style.