The Best Haircuts of 2024

The Best Haircuts of 2024

Whether you’re scoping out the best haircuts for women or simply curious about the hottest trends on the rise, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. As 2024 unfolds, haircuts have reached new heights of creativity and flair. Our beloved celebrities have been leading the charge, showcasing an array of stunning looks, from chic pixie cuts to elegant bobs and everything in between, catering to every hair type imaginable. While the timeless lob remains a favorite, sometimes you crave a touch of diversity, and what better way to find inspiration than exploring the coolest hairstyles from around the globe? We’ve tapped into the insights of top stylists, who’ve shared the most sought-after styles gracing their salon chairs—from effortless, lived-in shags in London to textured bobs in Austin and sultry curtain bangs in the bustling metropolis of New York City. Join us on a journey through the best haircuts for women across continents, and get ready to be inspired by the latest trends sweeping the world of hair fashion. Scroll on for a wealth of hairstyle inspiration that’s sure to elevate your look in 2024 and beyond.

1. Tousled Deconstructed Bob

Frédéric Fekkai, owner of a salon in New York City, admires the deconstructed bob for its adaptability. According to him, it offers a square bob shape with uneven, textured edges, giving it a casual and effortless look. “Whether you opt for bangs or not, this style exudes a touch of messiness and natural charm,” he explains. “The secret lies in maintaining a glossy and natural hair color. For that tousled effect, try using the Full Blown Volume Dry Texturizing Spray for extra texture and the Brilliant Gloss Anti-Frizz Oil Serum for added shine.”


2. Old Money Baroque Bob

Sydney Sweeney’s interpretation of the baroque bob is set to become a sensation as short hairstyles take the spotlight in 2024. According to London-based hairstylist Ky Wilson, this style features a slightly longer cut, just above the collarbone, boasting abundant volume and bounce.

What truly distinguishes this look is its voluminous flair and side part. “The ends gracefully rest on the shoulders to encourage fluid movement,” Wilson explains. “What makes this style stand out is the incorporation of intricate curls, evoking an aura of effortless Old Hollywood glamour without appearing overly styled.”

Selecting the right products is crucial for achieving this look. “I recommend using a blowout spray like Evo’s Mister Fantastic, which not only speeds up blow-dry time but also adds body, enhances control, and shields against heat damage,” he advises. “Then, to create the curls, opt for hot tools such as rollers or a 1.25-inch curling iron—I prefer BaByliss’s hot rollers or a curling iron.”

3. French Girl Chic

The enduring allure of French girl beauty remains strong in 2024. According to Fekkai, this year’s trend draws inspiration from the iconic Jane Birkin, featuring full French bangs coupled with hair cascading to collarbone length or beyond. The lengths are gently tousled for a soft, effortless look. It’s a timeless style suitable for all ages, promoting a graceful and confident embrace of aging. Fekkai explains that in 2024, this haircut trend will surge in popularity, emphasizing shiny, youthful, and healthy hair while celebrating the natural aging process.

4. Long Hair, Long Layers 

As summer approaches, Chicago hairstylist Alex Brown anticipates a trend of long, flowing locks paired with breezy layers. According to her, a popular style involves embracing natural waves complemented by lengthy layers framing the face, and for an extra touch, adding delicate baby braids. To achieve this look, Brown suggests requesting face-framing layers that begin below the chin during your next salon visit.

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5. Blunt Bob 

Not all short cuts need to be sharp; adding some relaxed texture can enhance the beauty of a bob. Siobhán Quinlan, a hairstylist at Cutler West Hollywood, notes a significant rise in clients opting for bobs in Los Angeles. According to her, “After years of growing out their hair, people are eager for a fresh look.”

6. Easy waves

Casual waves have long been a go-to look for laid-back vibes, but as more women opt out of heat styling, Perea predicts a rise in air-dried waves this year, especially popular among her relaxed LA clientele. Achieving effortless hair begins with a quality cut; your stylist plays a key role in laying the groundwork for low-maintenance styling. Jessica Scott Santo, from Jessica Scott Salon in Sciota, Pennsylvania, emphasizes that a good chop can enhance natural bounce, even for those with straighter strands, resulting in greater hair movement.

7. Curtain bangs

Looking for an easy bangs option? Curtain bangs are the ultimate low-maintenance choice. According to Emily Heser, a stylist at Cutler Salon in New York City, “Curtain bangs are versatile. They’re long enough to grow out or pin back, yet they can also be trimmed into a shorter style.” If you’re unsure about committing to bangs, curtain bangs are your perfect match. Check out more of our favorite bang styles here.

8. Strong bob

Haley Benjamin, proprietor of Lili Salon Spa in Edina, Minnesota, highlights the popularity of “curtain bangs with substantial layering” in the area. Brown suggests requesting bangs that are longer, starting at the cheekbone and gradually blending into the rest of the hair.

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