11 Best Pairs of Knee-High Boots

11 Best Pairs of Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are an ideal choice for navigating the seasons from fall to spring.

They offer excellent coverage, making tights in the cold winter months much more comfortable, and serve as a versatile staple for transitional weather.

Eager to wear your spring dresses but worried about the chill? Combine a sundress with knee-high boots and a jacket or cardigan for a stylish, weather-appropriate look.

Explore our top picks for the best knee-high boots for women.

Naturalizer brown suede Boots

naturalizer knee-high boots

These boots flawlessly balance the practicality of everyday footwear with the elegance of a chic winter dinner boot.

Their versatile design complements virtually any outfit—you can pair them with black jeans, tights, a sweater dress, or even have them peek out from under a maxi skirt.

Ermonn Womens Knee High Boots

Amazon knee high black boots on pink background

You can find these boots on Amazon for under $50, and they come highly recommended.

Many reviewers praise their comfort, noting that they look far more expensive than their actual price and that they fit true to size.

However, be aware that the shaft of the boot is slightly tall, so if you’re under 5’3″, they might extend a bit above your knee.

Naturalizer Axel Weatherproof Knee-High Boot

side by side of black boots and woman with boots on

Naturalizer, a brand renowned for its commitment to comfort, continues to excel with features that enhance practicality.

These boots come with a padded footbed, a specially lined shaft to retain warmth, and are fully waterproof, designed to endure heavy rain. Yet, their practicality doesn’t compromise on style.

The nearly three-inch block heel provides added height and a touch of chicness while maintaining the comfort of sneakers.

Additionally, the sleek design offers a slimming effect on your legs, accentuated by the lift from the heels.

Scarlett Chase Lola 75 Stretch High Boot

close up of knee high purple boots

Scarlett Chase is rapidly becoming one of my go-to brands for shoes that perfectly blend style and comfort.

Take a look at these incredibly chic Lola 75 boots—achieving such a high level of comfort while being so stylish is truly impressive.

Best kitten heel: Inez Mila

side by side of close up of black boots next to mirror pic of woman wearing black boots

These boots are the epitome of elegance and style.

Among our top choices is the Mila, a personal favorite due to its incredible versatility.

You can pair it with sheer tights, let it peek out from under a maxi skirt, or even wear it with bootcut jeans.

Its silhouette is very much in vogue, as evidenced by the numerous similar styles seen at the 2024 Fashion Week.

Best square-toe: Vagabond Blanca Tall Boots

black vagabond boots

Vagabond is renowned for its expertly crafted designs and fashionable silhouettes.

Despite its popularity among celebrities, the brand remains affordable for everyday shoppers.

These boots stand out for their comfort and versatility, making them a must-have in any wardrobe.

The square toe adds a chic element and a touch of visual interest to the timeless black boot.

Best for wide calves: Inez Paloma

inez paloma

These boots are absolutely stunning. Available in wide calf and footbed sizes, they feature a croc-embossed finish with a luxurious sheen that adds an elegant touch.

The texture and shine elevate even the most basic sweater dress to a sophisticated ensemble.

For those who prefer a more understated style, options in black leather or chestnut suede are also available.

Best cloth: Vivaia Tara Pro Water Repellent Wool Knee-High Boots

knee high Vivaia boot side by side with model wearing boot

Vivaia’s Tara Pros should be your top choice for rain boots this fall.

Perfect for those particularly rainy weekends, these boots repel water effortlessly, with raindrops beading on the uppers and easily brushing off with a quick swipe.

Best sustainable: Alohas East Croco

brown croco boots

Finding heeled boots as comfortable as flats is a challenge, but Alohas’ leather knee-high boots rise to the occasion.

Featuring a robust 2.9-inch block heel, they are unexpectedly easy and comfortable to walk in.

I opted for the brown croc design, a versatile neutral with a touch of sophistication, although there were 31 other colors to choose from.

Best cowboy boots: Tecovas Annie

tecovas white boots

When it comes to top-tier cowboy boots, Tecovas reigns supreme.

Leading our selection for both men and women, Tecovas stands out for its commitment to using authentic materials and its dedicated following among Western wear aficionados.

Each pair undergoes over 200 meticulous steps in crafting, resulting in rugged masterpieces that embody true quality.

With prices below $300, investing in Tecovas offers exceptional value for such craftsmanship.