6 Timeless Bags You Need to Invest Your Money In

6 Timeless Bags You Need to Invest Your Money In

Timeless bags only grow more valuable with age, making investing in classic bags from renowned brands a wise choice. These bags typically withstand the test of time, making them worth the extra investment as they become enduring status symbols. We’ve curated a list of the six most iconic bags of all time. While designer bags are often seen as statements of status, they can also serve as lucrative investments. Today, we explore the concept of “investment pieces” — carefully selected designer bags that can last a lifetime. We’ll delve into which bags hold the highest value and remain eternally stylish. For instance, the coveted Birkin is projected to double in value over the next decade. Join us as we unveil our selection of the six most iconic bags worth investing in.

Hermès Birkin

Inspired by the iconic fashion figure Jane Birkin, the top-handle bag from the esteemed French brand has captured the hearts of numerous A-listers. A spokesperson from Vestiaire Collective confirms its enduring status as a premier investment piece, asserting that its value is poised to appreciate consistently year after year.

Lady Dior

The iconic Lady Dior bag made its debut in 1994 under the name ‘chouchou,’ which translates to ‘favorite’ in French. However, in 1996, it was renamed as a homage to Princess Diana, who had developed a fondness for it. She cherished the bag and carried it faithfully for years, cementing its status as a symbol of elegance and timeless style.

Chanel’s ‘Classic Flap’ Bag

When a product bears the label “classic” in its name, you can be assured of its exceptional quality. Chanel’s iconic Flap bag, renowned for its timeless appeal, stands as a testament to its enduring popularity and reliability, making it a wise and secure investment choice.

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Céline Box Bag

Ideal for daily use, this bag is just the right size to accommodate all your necessities. It offers versatile wearing options, allowing you to carry it cross-body, as a clutch, or over the shoulder.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

The Neverfull consistently proves its sales prowess, maintaining an impressive 85% resale value. Its iconic logo print material and versatile tote bag design remain the ideal choice for both travel and professional settings, making it a reliable investment piece.

Hermès Kelly Bag

In tribute to Grace Kelly, a devoted admirer of this style, it was christened “the Kelly.” Grace Kelly, renowned for employing it to discreetly shield her initial pregnancy from the relentless paparazzi, made it iconic.