5 Upcoming Must-See Shows on Paramount+ for Entertainment Enthusiasts

5 Upcoming Must-See Shows on Paramount+ for Entertainment Enthusiasts

All you fans of entertainment, take note! With its amazing slate of upcoming series, Paramount+ is expanding the enthusiasm in the streaming space to entirely new heights. With its wide range of material and exclusive releases, Paramount+—one of the newer participants in the streaming game—is already creating a stir. We’ve compiled a list of the best five upcoming series on Paramount+ that will keep you occupied for many hours, so get ready to add some must-see shows to your watchlist. We assure you that these fascinating new offerings in the entertainment industry are not ones to be missed.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves – Season 1

Prepare yourself for an exciting and action-packed adventure with “Lawmen: Bass Reeves – Season 1” available on Paramount+. The remarkable life of renowned lawman Bass Reeves, one of the first black deputy U.S. Marshals in the Wild West, is chronicled in this eagerly awaited television series. Renowned for his bravery, slyness, and marksmanship, Reeves battled lawbreakers and restored justice to the lawless areas of the late 1800s.

You are taken to a world of high-stakes showdowns, gunfights, and horse chases as soon as the opening credits start to roll. The show’s authenticity and attention to detail are very outstanding; they transport viewers to the untamed and harsh Old West.

But “Lawmen: Bass Reeves” is unique in more ways than just the action-packed story. The program digs deeply into Reeves’s identity, examining his hardships, victories, and the prejudice he encountered as a black law enforcement officer in a largely white society. Fans of historical dramas and Westerns alike should not miss this compelling story, which is further enhanced by the deep character development.

The first season of “Lawmen: Bass Reeves” looks amazing, has a strong cast, and an intriguing plot, making it a fantastic television experience. So buckle up, gather your popcorn, and get ready to be engrossed in Bass Reeves’ fascinating world as he pursues justice. You won’t want to miss this concert.

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Criminal Minds – Season 17

Prepare to explore the fascinating field of criminal profiling once more with “Criminal Minds – Season 17” onParamount+. The most recent season of this venerable show, which has captivated viewers for years, promises to bring the same thrilling plot twists and heart-pounding suspense that viewers have grown to adore.

For those who are not familiar, “Criminal Minds” is a television program that centers on the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), an elite team of FBI profilers. These committed agents solve the most horrific and challenging crimes by drawing on their special knowledge of criminal motivations. No crime is too bizarre or unsettling for this team to solve, not even those involving kidnappings or serial killers.

Season 17 seems to be a suitable send-off for this cherished show, providing closure to the narratives and characters that viewers have come to love. The exact narrative is being kept under wraps, but viewers can anticipate dramatic action, provocative psychological analysis, and startling surprises.

The outstanding ensemble cast of “Criminal Minds” has always been one of the show’s most notable features, and Season 17 is no exception. Fans have grown to love the gifted actors that embody these nuanced characters, and their performances never cease to astound.

In light of this, mark your calendars for the release of “Criminal Minds – Season 17” onParamount+ if you enjoy psychological thrillers and criminal dramas. An exciting and fulfilling finale to a show that has had a lasting impact on television is undoubtedly in store. Prepare to be gripped from start to finish as the BAU takes on their most difficult cases to date.

1923 – Season 2

Get ready for “1923” onParamount+ to return for another exciting season! The much awaited series transports viewers to the glitzy, glamorous, and mysterious Roaring Twenties. “1923 – Season 2” is expected to carry on the engrossing tales and transport viewers to the fascinating world of prohibition-era America, building on the success of its first season.

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From the lavish parties to the hidden speakeasies, the show masterfully depicts the spirit of the time. Viewers are taken to a bygone era full with secrets and hidden motives because to the exquisite attention to detail in the settings, costumes, and soundtrack.

The rich and nuanced characters in “1923” give the already compelling plot further nuance and complexity. A gifted ensemble cast that gives riveting performances brings each character to life, from the determined flapper to the enigmatic bootlegger.

As the characters traverse the perilous seas of organized crime, corruption, and forbidden love in Season 2, expect even more twists and turns. Every episode has viewers on the edge of their seats because to the crisp and witty storytelling.

“1923 – Season 2” is an absolute must-watch if you appreciate mysteries, historical dramas, or just losing yourself in a gripping plot. Put on your dance shoes, grab a fedora, and get ready for “1923” on Paramount+—another exhilarating journey through the Jazz Age.

School Spirits – Season 2

You’ll be on the edge of your seat during the spine-tingling eerie series “School Spirits – Season 2.” This is the show for you if you enjoy ghost stories, paranormal investigations, and spooky experiences. “School Spirits-Season 2” is expected to dig even farther into the unsettling realm of haunted schools and inexplicable happenings, building on the success of its first season.

Every episode centers on a different school as it investigates paranormal activity and attempts to determine what is really causing the haunting. The show deftly combines tension, mystery, and jump scares to keep viewers enthralled, from ghostly people appearing in photographs to phantom footsteps echoing down empty hallways.

Among “School Spirits'” most notable features are the genuine and spooky accounts of actual individuals who have encountered ghostly occurrences at these haunted schools. Their personal testimonies heighten the show’s terror and give it a more realistic feel.

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“School Spirits – Season 2” will make you wonder about what exists after death, whether or not you believe in ghosts. So be ready for the thrill of “School Spirits” onParamount+ and get ready to be frightened. However, be advised that you might want to watch with the lights on.

Star Trek: Discovery – Season 5

“Star Trek: Discovery – Season 5” on Paramount+ will have you prepared to bravely go where no one has gone before. The exciting adventures of the starship Discovery and her crew are expected to continue in the next fifth season of this cherished science fiction series, which has been enthralling viewers for years.

In the renowned Star Trek universe, “Star Trek: Discovery” explores new planets, comes across extraterrestrial life, and ventures into the depths of space. The show has become a fan favorite due to its remarkable visuals, captivating storylines, and thought-provoking ideas.

The fifth season of Discovery is expected to be an epic continuation of the show, full of new obstacles, confrontations, and revelations for the crew. This season of Star Trek is sure to enthrall and excite viewers of all stripes as well as newcomers.

The charismatic Sonequa Martin-Green as Commander Michael Burnham and the rest of the superb ensemble cast bring these nuanced and endearing characters to life, making every episode an exciting and poignant journey.

Thus, be ready for an exciting interstellar adventure with “Star Trek: Discovery – Season 5” onParamount+ and set your phasers to stun. You won’t want to miss a second of the action as the final frontier approaches.